Azure Consulting Services.

We develop and implement flexible technology solutions utilizing the Azure cloud platform.

What is Azure Cloud Services?

Microsoft Azure is an extensive collection of cloud computing services that allows you to create, launch, keep an eye on, and handle applications over a worldwide network of datacenters managed by Microsoft.

This internet-based platform provides businesses with a wide array of services and assets, covering data storage, hosting applications, integration platforms, security services, SAP on Azure, developer tools, and management tools.

Azure Cloud Services.

Cloud Transition
SAP on Azure
Backup and Emergency Recovery Services
Virtual Machines in Azure

Why choose iMaker for Azure cloud consulting services?

"We are a dependable Azure development firm specializing in technology consultation. Our team offers the assistance needed to guarantee no interruptions, smooth integration, optimal uptime, and adaptable workload efficiency."

Find Your Optimal Domain with iMaker Technology

Our best-in-class Azure solution, with additional optimizations

Data Security

Microsoft Azure makes sure everything is safe and provides organizations with the tools they need to protect applications, data, and infrastructure. It also helps them follow their own rules and policies.

Better Growth and Business Longevity

Azure Stack from Microsoft provides flexible and highly scalable cloud services through its Cloud Platform. It enables seamless synchronization of distributed systems across different locations.

Sophisticated Data Analysis and Business Understanding

Microsoft provides cloud-based solutions for advanced data analysis and business insights to make the path to analytics and business understanding easier.
Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.

We are a top Microsoft Cloud Service provider catering to businesses in India and worldwide. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, LS Central, Microsoft Cloud, Power BI, IT & ITes services, and global offshore development.


Azure Evaluation
To develop a thorough cloud plan, we examine which devices should link to Azure, identify what’s lacking for a business case, and assess how well those devices perform.
Creating a Plan
As a Microsoft Partner, we aid customers in grasping their needs, crafting a plan, designing, and implementing the solution that perfectly fits their requirements
Improvement and Maintenance
We assist businesses in fine-tuning the solution to meet the highest performance and quality standards through continuous maintenance support.