Mobile App Development.

iMaker Technology crafts high-performing native, cross-platform, and web apps with user-centric design, ensuring a standout edge in competitive markets.

Bespoke App Crafters.

Our expert mobile team, versed in cutting-edge tech, crafts bespoke native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps tailored to your unique needs.

Apple AppCraft

Crafting iOS applications demands specialized skills, utilizes Apple devices, and undergoes rigorous quality checks for App Store release. Our seasoned iOS developers excel in leveraging advanced technologies and programming languages to create tailored apps for diverse scenarios. Elevate user experiences and boost ROI by catering to the iOS audience through our development services at SPEC INDIA.


Create a business app on the world's leading mobile platform, Android, with SPEC INDIA's Android app development services. Our skilled team of Android developers, designers, and testers craft native Android apps using Kotlin and Java. This enhances enterprise visibility, attracts potential customers, and fuels overall growth.


Harmonizing web and native technologies, we create hybrid apps—saving time and cost while ensuring compatibility across platforms. Developed with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), these apps are then encapsulated in native wrappers, allowing access to device capabilities. Embrace the power of hybrid apps for efficient native application development.


Streamlined cross-platform development simplifies the app creation process, allowing a single code base for diverse platforms. Our developers, skilled in frameworks like Flutter and React Native, ensure cost efficiency and faster time-to-market. Opt for cross-platform development for a streamlined app deployment.

Apps Tailored for Digital Era.

As a leading mobile app firm, we craft bespoke solutions for startups, bolster teams, revamp products, and deliver top-notch native apps for optimal performance.

Crafting Custom App Tech.

Crafting custom mobile apps with the right tech mix!

Unveiling the iOS Experience.

Dive into the seamless world of iOS, where innovation meets user-friendly design for a captivating mobile experience.

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Swift, Apple’s dynamic language, fuels our iOS developers to create cutting-edge, high-performance apps with its rich features and modern versatility.
Objective-C, a powerhouse in iOS development, is your key to crafting secure and customized enterprise mobile apps with our expert touch. Embrace the future!
Explore the capabilities of Xcode, Apple’s acclaimed IDE, to effortlessly craft, develop, and optimize your iOS, iPadOS, and macOS apps. Elevate your coding experience with seamless innovation!
Elevate your app’s interface with UIKit, the dynamic front-end framework for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. Seamlessly manage animations, text, search, and more with style!

Unleashing Android Brilliance".

Delve into the vibrant world of Android, where limitless possibilities merge with our expertise to create seamless, user-friendly mobile experiences.

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Java, renowned for versatility and stability, stands tall in enterprise software. Its vast ecosystem makes it ideal for scalable, resilient development in cloud, AI, microservices, and IoT.
Embrace Kotlin, the go-to choice for Android developers. This modern language, endorsed by Google, crafts secure, feature-rich Android apps with seamless integration into the Java ecosystem.
Explore Android Studio, Google’s dedicated IDE for Android development. Enjoy smart editing, fast emulation, and a flexible build system to create exceptional apps for all Android devices effortlessly.
Empower your Android app journey with the Android SDK – a toolkit of essential development and debugging tools. Stay updated with each Android Software release for continuous innovation.
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Mobile App Development Process.

We guide you through six key stages of mobile app development, ensuring success for SMBs and enterprises. Our expertise ensures the use of optimal tools and approaches for a triumphant app launch.

Requirement Analysis

In the beginning, we collect essential information, examine your requirements, and grasp expectations to ensure a fruitful journey in crafting your app with success.


In development, our team brings your idea to life, working on frontend, APIs, and backend, defining milestones for success.

Consultation And Planning

Our experienced team assists in outlining goals, defining app scope, creating a roadmap, and considering time, resources, functionalities, and costs attentively.


Our QA experts use top testing tools to ensure app functionality, security, usability, and consistency across platforms and screens.

Wireframing And Design

Our design team creates user-friendly interfaces, wireframes, and prototypes. We refine based on feedback, ensuring engaging, intuitive designs.

Launch & Support

After thorough testing, we assist in launching your app on the app store, ensuring compliance and providing ongoing support.