DevOps Implementation Services

Tackle everyday business hurdles such as time-to-market, software excellence, efficiency, productivity, and expenses with our personalized DevOps Implementation Services at iMaker Technology. Our aim is to enhance team synergy, automate software delivery and deployment, promptly adapt to evolving customer demands and market dynamics, elevate customer contentment, and secure a competitive advantage for your business.

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Chart Your Success Journey with Our Effective DevOps Implementation Approach!

At iMaker, our seasoned DevOps consultants craft a detailed plan for you. We guide you in integrating DevOps seamlessly, speeding up development, fostering team collaboration, and elevating software delivery quality. Partner with iMaker for the perfect route to meet your digital transformation goals and secure lasting success.

DevOps Implementation Services We Offer.

Boost innovation and flexibility with our advanced DevOps services at iMaker. We'll assist in automating and streamlining processes for a quick market response.

DevOps Implementation on AWS

At iMaker, we excel in delivering DevOps Implementation on AWS. We empower businesses to swiftly deploy and manage applications, making the most of AWS features. Our goal is to automate your delivery process, creating a dependable, scalable, and secure infrastructure.

Implement DevOps in Google Cloud

We're adept at making DevOps thrive on Google Cloud, boosting software delivery agility and efficiency. Our skilled team fosters seamless collaboration between development and operations for swift deployment and continuous improvements. Let's achieve your business goals with our top-notch DevOps Implementation services on Google Cloud.

DevOps Implementation on Azure

At iMaker, we provide top-notch DevOps Implementation services on Azure, automating and streamlining your software development. Our certified Azure professionals ensure seamless deployment, quicker time to market, and improved efficiency, driving your business growth effortlessly.

Continuous Delivery and CI/CD

Unlock the power of our tailored DevOps Implementation Services for cutting-edge Continuous Delivery and CI/CD solutions. Our specialists use the latest tools to speed up application development, ensuring you stay ahead in the market with rapid, high-quality, and reliable idea-to-market delivery.

Containerization and Orchestration

As a top-tier DevOps firm, we deliver state-of-the-art Containerization and Orchestration services, enhancing your business efficiency and scalability. Our expert team employs top tools like Kubernetes and Docker to modernize your application stack, cut costs, and boost agility. Experience faster and more efficient goal achievement with our Containerization and Orchestration services.

IT Infrastructures Management

Experience state-of-the-art IT infrastructure management services for peak performance, security, and reliability in your business operations. Our expert DevOps professionals use top-notch practices and tools to oversee your infrastructure, reduce downtime, and enhance efficiency. From monitoring to optimization, we offer tailored management solutions for your business needs.

DevOps Release Management

Our DevOps squad is top-notch in Release Management. We automate your release process, offer continuous feedback, and ensure quality assurance for more efficient software releases. Achieve quicker time-to-market with enhanced collaboration, agile practices, and cutting-edge technology stacks.

DevOps Intelligence Strategy

We offer complete DevOps solutions to revamp your delivery pipeline, boosting transparency and efficiency. Our DevOps Intelligence Strategy enables organizations to monitor, analyze, and optimize their software development lifecycle with analytics and automation. Utilize our DevOps Implementation Services to streamline processes, minimize errors, and speed up software delivery.

We make sure you get the perfect team member tailored to your needs. Your requirements meet the right talent here. That’s our commitment to finding the ideal match for you!

The iMaker Way for a Smooth DevOps Implementation Journey.

Our DevOps plan ensures a smooth, efficient, and budget-friendly implementation. We collaborate closely with your team, minimizing disruption to your business operations during the process.


At iMaker, we bring vast experience in applying DevOps practices across different industries. Our team is well-versed in DevOps tools and processes, ensuring a smooth flow of software delivery, testing, and deployment. We evaluate your current setup to find areas for improvement and potential automation possibilities.


We're well-versed in DevOps tools, including Chef, Puppet, Ansible for configuration management, and Docker, Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration. Plus, we excel in continuous integration and delivery with tools like Jenkins, GitLab, and AWS CodePipeline.


Our data-driven approach reflects our commitment to delivering optimal results. We establish a monitoring and logging system to spot issues, ensuring the application runs smoothly. We consistently monitor the process, pinpointing areas for enhancement.


We keep a constant eye on system metrics, enhancing performance and efficiency. With 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, incident response, and disaster recovery, we ensure uninterrupted system support. Whether planned or unexpected maintenance, we're here to maintain uptime and keep your systems running smoothly.

Our DevOps Implementation Stages

At iMaker, we take a well-organized and methodical approach to implementing DevOps, guaranteeing a seamless integration with your business operations. Our DevOps implementation involves the following key stages:

We begin by looking at your current setup, how things are done, and the tools you use. This helps us figure out where there might be room for improvement. Then, we come up with a plan that's just right for what you need.


We gather insights, create a detailed plan, and work closely with your team to ensure a smooth fit with your business goals. Our step-by-step approach outlines timing, required resources, and the best tools for the project.

Tool Selection

We pick the tools and technologies that match what your business needs. We're skilled in a bunch of tools like Docker, Jenkins, AWS, Azure, and GCP, so we make sure to choose the ones that work best for you.


We kick off the implementation by setting up development, testing, and production environments. Following an agile approach, we break it down into small steps to minimize risks and issues. This way, things progress smoothly and with less hassle.


We keep an eye on your product or service in the real world, watching how it performs and tackling issues as they pop up. Using monitoring and logging tools is key to making sure everything runs at its best.


In the last phase, we excel at keeping an eye on and boosting the performance, productivity, and efficiency of your product or service. We study how it's doing, find spots to make it better, and put in changes for optimal results.

Benefits of DevOps Implementation Services

  • End-to-End Delivery

    Speedier software delivery, more often, with improved quality.

  • Better Cooperation

    Smooth teamwork between developers and operations for effortless collaboration.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Fewer deployment hiccups, quicker bounce-back times.

  • Automation

    Automating tasks for efficiency and cost savings.

  • Customer First

    Customer-centric approach for enhanced satisfaction and experience.

  • Faster Product Launch

    Aligning with goals for swift market entry.

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Why Choose iMaker for DevOps Implementation Services

With a decade-plus of experience, iMaker leads in DevOps Implementation Services. Our skilled DevOps team, seasoned in various industries, ensures successful projects. Committed to excellence, we use cutting-edge tools to help clients reach their business goals. Trust us for top-notch DevOps implementation and discover why we’re recognized as the best.

Using advanced tools ensures outstanding and unique results.

Services FAQs?

The cost varies, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on factors like the features, the expertise of your team, and the development model. Simply put, more complex features may take more time and resources.

When outsourcing a DevOps project, developer rates vary based on location. The cost of your DevOps project hinges on your unique business needs and the resources you hire from specific regions.

iMaker offers a wide array of software development services, drawing from battle-tested expertise in product development, project management, DevOps, and UI/UX. We serve as a comprehensive solution for diverse software needs, providing:

  • Web development leveraging emerging technologies
  • Mobile development utilizing cross-platform tools
  • Staff Augmentation to bolster your existing tech team
  • Full-stack app development
  • Salesforce Consulting, Integration & Development Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Development
  • Security software development
  • Data science
  • DevOps expertise

We offer three distinct engagement models tailored to suit your business needs when hiring developers through iMaker Technology:

  1. Dedicated Developer - Monthly Basis:
    Access 160 Hours a Month, equating to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week commitment.
  2. Hourly Basis - Hours/Months:
    We employ time-tracking tools like Time Doctor and Hubstaff for precise time monitoring.
  3. Fixed-Based:
    Share your project requirements with our team. We'll thoroughly assess your needs and provide a detailed estimation encompassing project scope, time, cost, and a roadmap for your project's execution.
We comprehend that each project demands unique skills. Hence, at iMaker Technology, we offer a complimentary replacement to ensure a seamless continuation of our partnership. Furthermore, if for any reason you remain unsatisfied even after this, terminating the contract requires a mere 2-week notice.
Upon termination, the invoice will outline all outstanding and completed work until the termination date. Any work completed within the agreed time frame will be delivered to you in a usable electronic format.